Repairs and Services:

FRM Repairs:

Inoperative windows or lights, lights constanly on, indicators not working, interiour lights not working hazzard lights not working, FRM not responding to diagnostic equipment etc. all these symptoms can be repaired on 99% of faulty frm3 modules found in 1 series, 3 series and X5 once repaired the unit will be plug and play, no programming or coding will be nessesary, We can also repair short circuit errors on earlier FRM modules, re program re-code and update where nessesary.

CAS repairs:

Re-program, re-code and clone damaged units, reset ELV counter and update, remove lost keys and add new keys.

Kombi/Dash Cluster

Set correct Vin details and set correct mileage to remove tamper dot and enable coding, ideal for retrofitting M3 or M5 cluster or replacing like for like cluster, make sure not to plug new cluster into car unless it has lower mileage than original or you will also need to send the Cas unit in with cluster to reset mileage as the cas will store and use the mileage from replacement clocks if greater than original unit.


ISN matching/Correction re programming and encoding replacement ecus, no need to replace ecu - cas - keys, keep original keys and cas and match replacement ecu to car.


Replacement keys cut and programmed while you wait if your local, or by postal service.

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